Playground Games made of preformed thermoplastic

Revolutionary, durable and attractive laser-cut images that are being applied to the asphalt, concrete or stone via heat fusion with the help of a gas burner.


Source of knowledge, health and happiness

Play has a crucial role in a development of children. It enriches their mental and motor skills, encourages movement and socializing, and constantly opens up new horizons of imagination.

Change the floor surfaces in the world of games for children
Were you considering how to attract the attention of your child? Do You believe that your daughter spends to much time infront of the TV, computer or telephone? Dull asphalt and concrete surfaces (around kindergarten, school, apartment building) are definitely not something that would be interesting for the children. While attractive colors and shapes do get their attention. Playground games of preformed thermoplastic are the perfect solution to bring colors in the urban environment. Areas become attractive at a glance.

Learning is fun
Would you like to offer alternative fun methods of learning outdoors to your children? Playground games designed with alphabetical or mathematical content enable just that. Let learning be fun and stress-free for the children.

Fun, education and movement – Playground games offer all that.

We create, manufacture and Install!

Let your kids look forward of learning math with Playground game Number Grid, or learn letters with the Playground game Alphabet or just simply enjoy spending time with each other playing ludo. There are so many options. Almost every idea can be transferred to asphalt, concrete.
At your request the playground games can also be adjusted according to the curriculum.

Why choose Playground games for children?

  • Playground markings are the perfect solution for kindergartens, schools, playgrounds or any asphalt and concrete surfaces infront of your home.
  • You can choose between existing games or create entirely new ones.
  • Playground games are intended for entertainment, education and physical activity of children.

Why choose preformed thermoplastic?

  • Extreme durability. Even 6 to 8x times more durable than conventional road paints.
  • Ready to use just after 30 minutes from the application.
  • Excellent visibility day and night.
  • Very realistic and attractive images.
  • Material is friendly to the environment and children’s health.
  • UV resistant and possess excellent anti-slip properties.
  • The overall look of the playground can be seen even before the installation