Standard Marking Tape Tapefor

Strong and durable PVC with a high levels of adhesion. Because it is not stretchable, it’s wear resistant and can withstand a man as well as heavy machinery. Standard marking tapes are self-adhesive. They are excellent for marking the floors in courts, factories, warehouses …


For marking in warehouses, offices, shops …

Examples of use

Warehouses, production halls, entrances, offices …

Suitable surfaces

For most surfaces such as wood, stone, ceramic, marble, granite, PVC, clinker …


Black, red, yellow, blue, white, green, black/yellow and red/white.

Depending on order quantity, we can provide the Standard marking tape anti in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours ( matching Pantone or RAL reference ).

How can I see the Tape?

We enjoy sending samples, because we want you to see this unique product firsthand. Contact us for more information on samples.

Detailed description

The advantages of our professional standard marking tape are:

  • easy installation,
  • no drying – an area is marked as soon as you install it,
  • a wide selection of colors,
  • thickness of 160μm.