Preformed Thermoplastic

Revolutionary, durable and attractive laser-cut images that are being applied to the asphalt, concrete or stone via heat fusion with the help of a gas burner.

Change the dull Floor surfaces to floor surfaces with a message!

Have you ever thought that the streets, parking lots, and other asphalt and concrete surfaces infront of businesses, kindergartens, schools or stores could be an excellent opportunity for a unique placement of different messages for your customers, co-workers or people passing by?

Introducing preformed thermoplastic
a unique solution for the visual and appealing road images:

  • LONG TERM DURABILITY even when exposed to heavy traffic and intensive use
  • ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE – laser cut shapes
  • FLEXIBILITY of the shapes for all needs (road marking signs, decorations, advertisement, logos, symbols, Playground games for children …)
  • LONG-TERM COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION- 6 to 8 times more durable than conventional road paints, no maintenance costs.

WHY CHOOSE preformed thermoplastic?

  • Long-lasting and much greater durability than conventional road paints.
  • Ready to use just after 30 minutes from the application.
  • Excellent visibility day and night.
  • Easy to install even at lower temperatures.
  • Very realistic well visible images
  • The material is environmentaly friendly, UV resistant and possess excellent anti-slip properties
  • Accessible prices even for individual orders


Road markings
Extremely durable, attractive and noticeable visual images, transportation ready after 30 minutes. more

Playground games:
Attractive appearance of the games brings warmth and youth to the playground. They are non-toxic (environmentally friendly), UV resistant and possess excellent anti-slip properties. more

Long-lasting – Pedestrians will immediately know which school, kindergarten, company … is located in your area.

Street decorations:
Visually enriches the road and banishes the daily greyness.