Anti Slip Tape and Coat (cover)

Our anti slip tapes and covers are used to prevent slips, falls and consequently injuries that may result from them. They improve the usability and security of the premises. They can be used in the vicinity of oil, grease and water, inside or outside.

Types of Anti Slip Tape:

  • Abrasive Anti Slip Tape – excellent anti-slip properties, which exceed all safety standards
    • Standard – our best-selling anti-slip tape for use in a variety of conditions
    • Coarse – deeper texture helps prevent clogging due to dust, dirt, ice, also for industry use
    • X-Coarse – our most coarse product, very durable, very industrial

Standard – coarse anti slip tapes

Standard abrasive Anti Slip Tape that works perfectly on outer surfaces. Anti slip material is aluminum oxide – abrasive paper. Tapes differ from each other by granulation – the size of the grains. Extremely Coarse Anti Slip Tape uses strong HG adhesive, and that is why it is also suitable for more demanding surfaces. Click for more information.

PVC – smooth anti slip tapes

Easy to clean. Even for a bare foot.

Special anti slip tapes

For a specific purpose.