DIY Anti Slip Coating

Our DIY anti slip coating is used for anti slip treatment of floor from mineral composition. Coating creates an invisible layer on the surface that significantly increases the coefficient of friction and provides a secure and good grip that effectively eliminates problems that may arise due to wet or damp floor.


For internal and external use

Examples of use

Households, hotels, shops, schools, food industry, medical centers, public buildings, restaurants, manufacturing …

Suitable surfaces

For the surface of mineral composition (ceramic, granite, quarry stone, porcelain …)


1L is sufficient for approximately 8m2

Instructions for use

Detailed description

High-tech formula developed for the surface of mineral composition, such as granite, quarry stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles.

It is efficient, clean, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It does not alter the appearance of the surface. The effect lasts for several years.

It creates an invisible layer, which increases the coefficient of friction and reduces the problems of sliding. Easy to use – detailed instructions on the label. Available in 1L spray bottle or 5L canister. For internal and external use.