We offer a complete collection of Anti Slip materials. You can choose between more than 10 types of Anti Slip Tapes in 15. different colors. Select the quality Anti Slip Tape that best fits your requirements. For example Easy to clean, for industry, for snow … we also offer Anti-slip Coatings and Anti Slip Plates for low energy surfaces. More about Anti Slip products.

A large selection of Floor Marking Tapes for marking warehouses, productions, stores, … You can choose from long-term solutions such as extremely durable PermaSafety marking tape or versatile PermaSafety Route marking tape. We also offer high quality standard marking tapes. More about products for Floor Marking.

You can choose between Reflective Tape that reflects light (for example car lights). Reflective Tape is used on barriers, bollards, … or between Glow in the Dark Tape that emits light when it gets dark (for example power outage). Glow in the Dark Tape is used for emergency exits, stairs … For those who want non-adhesive tapes, we offer Barrier Tapes that can also be custom printed. More about products for better visibility.

Revolutionary, hard wearing and attractive laser-cut images that are being applied to the asphalt, concrete or stone via heat fusion with the help of a gas burner as heat source. Once applied it cools rapidly within minutes allowing traffic to resume. It lasts 6 to 8 times longer than conventional road paints. Change the dull floor surfaces in the floor surfaces with a message. Let the playground marking games, road markings, street decorations, ads … have the long … Read more about preformed thermoplastic.  More about preformed thermoplastic.

We offer various types of Tactile Paving for guiding the blind and visually impaired through the area. You can choose between very durable Tactile Paving made from Hard Wearing Aggregates or preformed thermoplastics. We also offer special Marking Tapes for leading the blind and visually impaired in indoor spaces. More about Tactile Paving for guiding the blind and visually impaired.