Glow in the Dark Tape

Power outs in workplace increase the risk of accidents. Glow in the dark tape absorbs light and glows green in the dark. It ensures that the passages, staircases, entrances and exits are sufficiently illuminated.

The usability of the tape is shown in case of fire. Hot smoke rises and causes many problems in the higher floors. Residents get quickly lost. Photoluminescent tape applied onto the top of skirting boards, door frames, handles … emits light and allows people to quickly and securely move towards the exit and thereby save their lives.

Different Types of Glow in the Dark tape:

According to the purpose:

  • Glow in the Dark Marking Tape – for marking walls, staircases, … for all non- trafficked surfaces
  • Anti-slip Glow in the Dark Tape – for marking of stairs and all floor surfaces, where we need to ensure a safe step
  • Floor marking Glow in the Dark Tape (PermaSafety) – extremely durable floor marking tape for marking warehouses, factories, …
  • Glow in the Dark floor signs – an emergency exit sign, left or right or an arrow
  • Directional Glow in the Dark Tape – for guidance. Visible also during the day
  • Hazard Glow in the Dark Tape – warning, black / photoluminescent. Effective also during the day

According to the luminosity:

  • Glow in the Dark – standard photoluminescent Tape
  • Glow in the Dark Super – Super and premium Glow in the Dark tapes emit much stronger light for longer period. They comply with the DIN 67510 standard.