Anti Slip Tape and Coat (cover)

Our anti slip tapes and covers are used to prevent slips, falls and consequently injuries that may result from them. They improve the usability and security of the premises. They can be used in the vicinity of oil, grease and water, inside or outside. Click for differences beetween anti slip tapes.

Anti Slip Coating

Our anti slip coating is used for anti slip treatment of floors from mineral composition. The Anti slip coating creates an invisible layer on the surface that significantly increases the coefficient of friction and provides a secure and good grip that effectively eliminates problems that may arise due to wet or damp floor … Click for more informations.

Anti Slip Plates

Our anti slip plates are mechanically fasten in place with screws, nails or clamps and are an ideal solution in constantly wet or otherwise unsuitable surfaces for bonding. They are made from 1.6 mm thick aluminium with a weather resistant anti slip cover that is colour resistant.