Durable floor marking tape PermaSafety

If you are looking for a modern floor marking alternative to resin and paint we have a solution for you. The world’s most effective and durable aisle marking system – PermaSafety. It helps forward thinking companies achieve 5S status …  Click for more information.

Complete floor marking system PermaSafety Route

To create aisleways and associated signage use PermaSafety Route a complete warehouse and factory floor marking system. For optimising your warehouse for maximum performance, that ensures a more streamlined, organised, tidy and safe workflow.  We offer you the range …  Click for more information.

Difference between PermaSafety and PermaSafety Route

PermaSafety marking tape is our main product for floor marking. It is designed to withstand most of the testing in warehouse facilities. The PermaSafety Route marking tape is a related product, which, like PermaSafety, meets all the stability requirements. Both Permasafety and Permasafety Route meet the requirements of durability in a consistent manner.

What is the difference between these two products is one of the most frequently asked questions. They have a lot of similarities. Both are very durable and leading products for use in industrial facilities. However, there are minor differences between them, which distinguish them and make them useful in specific circumstances. Click for more information.

PermaSafety Cover

PermaSafety Cover is extremely durable marking system for floors, doors or walls, that is customizable by the end user (easy and without minimum quantities when ordering). PermaSafety Cover is the latest addition to PermaSafety marking system. All you need is a basic office printer … Click for more information.

Standard floor marking tape

Strong and durable PVC foil with a high level of adhesion. Since it is not elastic it’s wear resistant and can withstand the man as well as heavy machinery. Tapes are excellent for marking the floors in the courts, in factories, warehouses … Click for more information.