High quality glow in the dark marking tape

Power outs in the workplace increase the risk of accidents. Glow in the dark marking tape absorbs light and glows green in the dark. It ensures that the passages, staircases, entrances and exits are sufficiently illuminated. Glow in the dark marking tape is self-adhesive. Installation is easy.

Its usability is shown in case of fire. Hot smoke rises and causes many problems in the higher floors. Residents get quickly lost. Glow in the dark marking tape applied onto the top of skirting boards, door frames, handles, … emits light and allows people to quickly and securely move towards the exit and thereby save their lives.

In some countries, the use of the photoluminescent glow in the dark tape is legally required.


For internal and external use.

Examples of use

On the stairs, terraces, entrances, hallways, offices, exits …

Suitable surfaces

For most surfaces such as wood, stone, ceramic, marble, granite, PVC, clinker, concrete …


Temperature range

From -30°C to +90°C.

About luminance

Luminance of 0.32mcd/m² is the level at which light can no longer be seen by the human eye.

Depending on order quantity, we can provide glow in the dark marking tape in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

How can I see the Tape?

We enjoy sending samples, because we want you to see this unique product firsthand. Contact us for more information on samples.

Detailed description

High Quality Glow in the Dark Marking Tape
Our new high-quality glow in the dark marking tape is just like our current glow in the dark marking tape, smooth photoluminescent tape, that is used for demarcations in buildings, especially in areas subjected to power outs. The base film is impregnated with a photoluminescent powder, charged by natural or artificial light. As soon as the lights go out or when it gets dark, the tape is activated, and glows brightly.

As to not cause degradation to the surface, glow in the dark marking tape is intended for application on areas that are not exposed to foot traffic.

What distinguishes our high quality glow in the dark marking tape from the regular, is the strength and the amount of time it glows for after lights out. High-quality tape is available in two versions, super (S8154) and premium (P8152). The difference between them is in the classification.

According to DIN 67510 and ISO standards, photoluminescent material is classified into four main classes A, B, C and D.

The classes are determined on the basis of the luminance of the photoluminescent material, which is expressed in candelas per square meter (cd / m2). For ease of illustration, let us mention that a candle emits light about 1 candela. 1 candela is 1000 milicandela. Photoluminescent materials are classed based on what it initially emits at and how long it takes to get to 0.32 mcd/m2 (the level at which light can no longer be seen by the human eye ).

High Quality Glow in the Dark Tape – Premium
It is our best-classified tape. It is placed in class C, which means from first activation, it will take 1800 minutes ( 30 hours ) to reach 0.32 mcd/m2. For super (classified as Class A) will take more than 600 minutes (or more than 10 hours) to reach 0.32 mcd/m2.

As can be seen, 8152 premium tape emits light significantly longer than 8154 super, but 8154 super is still an effective material that glows in the dark. We offer two new versions (super and premium) of high quality glow in the dark marking tape to suit different requirements.

Both tapes are available in rolls of various sizes from 15mm to 1220mm. The roll length on stock is15m, but it is also possible to get rolls up to 50m in length.

For more information and orders please contact us by phone or e-mail.