Road markings and horizontal road signs of preformed thermoplastic

Laser- cut images on the road. Road markings that do not remain unnoticed. Attractive appearance that stands out. Contrast markings that stay visible for a long time. Transport ready just after 30 minutes from application – no need for longer roadblocks. And almost without restrictions in the production.

We present you the revolution in road marking
ROAD MARKINGS FROM preformed thermoplastic

Do you still use standard road paint for your road markings?
Road painting is an old fashioned process with several limitations. It requires longer roadblocks due to the drying proces and the standard road paints are less resistant to intensive wear and weather conditions. Instead choose long lasting road markings from preformed thermoplastic that become a durable part of the road with a rapid thermal process.


  • Long-lasting and much greater durability than conventional road paints.
  • Ready to use just after 30 minutes from the application.
  • Glass beads for excellent visibility day and night.
  • Easy to install even at lower temperatures.
  • The long-time resistance to heavy traffic, engine oil, snow and ice.
  • Attractive and realistic appearance and excellent visibility
  • Laser precision of manufactured forms
  • Custom made forms are possible
  • The material is environmentally friendly, UV resistant and possesses anti-slip properties
  • Visible before installation – road markings are shaped in advance
  • You can choose from horizontal road traffic signs, other road markings, floor signs, logos, symbols and decorations in the parking lot or yard.

Ensure safety on the road with visible and durable road markings.

We Create, Manufacture and Install!