The difference between PermaSafety and PermaSafety Route

PermaSafety our original product for marking the floor. It is designed to withstand most of the tests in the storerooms. Related product PermaSafety Route is designed so that, like PermaSafety meets the requirements for stability. Together they both meet all the requirements for durability.

What is the difference between PS and PSR floor marking is one of the most frequently asked questions. They have a lot of similarities. Both are very tough and are the leading in the use of industrial plants. But there are subtle differences that distinguish them and are used individually in the specific conditions.

Their construction …


PermaSafety is sturdy, uniform (homogeneous) product from “virgin” plastic. Since PermaSafety is so thick (1 mm of plastic with additional 160μm glue) has on the sides chamfered edges to prevent lifting and jamming. Each roll is made individually. Each width requires its own very expensive machine to manufacture, so we have a width of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The upper surface is finished with a mild anti-skid textured or smooth surface, easy to clean.

PermaSafety Route

PermaSafety Route is available in widths up to 1168 mm. Layers that are available in the widths are too thin for our use. In order to achieve the desired thickness for our requirements, we produced something original. We have combined two very thick layers, each 350μm thick. The top surface has a mild anti-slip texture.

What can PermaSafety offer?

  • Due to the homogeneous solid construction, the color will not fade away, can not scratch and will not be removed with the use of heavy solvents, such as MEK (methyl-ethyl-ketone), toluene, etc.

  • Rigid plastics allows, with some difficulties in the initial removal, that it can be easily removed (eg. If the arrangement is changed) in the warehouse, production …

  • Huge amount of glue for a strong initial adhesion and long-term strong adhesion.

What can PermaSafety Route offer?

  • As the printed portion is protected by a thick layer of the laminate, that is, if required chevron pattern, then PermaSafety Route pattern is completely protected and not exposed on the upper surface.

  • PermaSafety Route is available in all widths, which gives us the possibility to print on the bottom of the laminate using all available methods of the press, including full-color printing and graphics.

  • The flexibility of shapes and widths, because we are not restricted to a certain width of the roll and can also produce various forms. Each width is possible and any shape can be manufactured.

  • Thinner structure is advantageous if the vehicle turns on the tape.