Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape and Coat (Cover)

Our non abrasive anti slip tapes and coats have a unique non-slip surface that is not sharp and provides a safe non-slip flooring. Due to their smooth texture they are also suitable for bare feet and light footwear. Since they are not sharp / abrasive they will not damage bare skin or wet clothing.

The main advantages:

  • The unique non-slip surface with good non-slip properties
  • Without sharp granulates
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Various tests of anti-slipperiness, including Pendulum, ASTM and DIN
  • Suitable for boats
  • Also suited for food areas, pharmacy, laboratory

Vessel and pools
Anti-slip tapes and covers have always been a challenge in wet or marine environment. With our anti-slip tapes and covers you can easily make even this surfaces non-slippery.

Easy to clean. Also suitable for the food industry and wet areas
Tapes have no sharp wavy particles to accumulate dirt or bacteria. Tapes can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. We recommend them as an anti-slip coverings for tiles in bathrooms or around swimming pools, spas …

Benefits of Aqua Safe anti slip tape in relation to the sharp standard tape
Standard anti-slip tape is difficult to clean because of the sharp, abrasive particles with a random surface, which can not be accurately monitored in production (particles are dispersed on the surface). Minerals help to create hidden areas where dust or dirt can gather. Aqua Safe anti slip tape has all exposed areas – no hidden areas. The tape can be easily cleaned. It is also suitable for installations with special requirements concerning cleaning, such as food preparation, pharmacy, Lab …

More information

Slip resistance
Pendulum Test Value (PTV) > 36 is the normal standard of safety for the flat ground.
Aqua Safe Anti Slip Tape PTV 106 (dry), 31 (wet)
Resilient Anti Slip Tape PTV 106 (dry), 42 (wet)
Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape PTV 95 (dry), 60 (wet)
Coarse Resilient Lean Anti Slip Tape PTV 102 (dry), 47 (wet)

Temperature range
Aqua Safe Anti Slip Tape – 40ºC – + 93ºC
Resilient Anti Slip Tape – 30ºC – + 70ºC
Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape – 10ºC – + 80ºC
Coarse Resilient Lean Anti Slip Tape – 10ºC – + 80ºC

For bath tubs and showers
We recommend anti slip circles in white or transparent color, made from the same material as aqua safe anti slip tape; or white circles made from resilient anti slip coat (cover).

Marking the stairs 2in1 (grip + visibility)

Upper and lower step are those which are usually marked. The most common tape width is 50mm. You have to create a contrast for the stairs to be clearly visible. For marking of stairs we recommend resilient or coarse resilient anti-slip tape. They are available in different visible colors and are easy to clean.