Guidance path tactile paving made from thermoplastic

The purpose of Guidance path tactile paving made from thermoplastic is to guide the blind and visually impaired people on the path where traditional clues (such as buildings, curbs) are not available. They can also be used to guide people around obstacles.


For guiding blind and visually impaired people.

Examples of use

Sidewalks, hallkways, where traditional clues are not available …

Suitable surfaces

Concrete, asphalt, steel, wood, ceramics …



Detailed description

The anti-slip surface
Tactiles are made of thermoplastic, which bonds to each surface, when heated by Propane burner. Natural rough top layer of thermoplastic, from which the tactiles are made, provides an excellent anti-slip surface, probably the best on the market and is not affected by wear and weather conditions.

Smoothes out uneven surfaces
Joints and uneven surfaces within a tactile surfaces can reduce their effectiveness. Use of our tactile paving reduces the possibility of irregularities on the surface, because the top layer leaves only minimum joints.

Maintenance-free and extremely durable
Tactiles made from thermoplastic require no maintenance and are extremely durable and resistant to wear by pedestrians and all weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly, safe and clean product
Tactiles made from thermoplastic are environmentally friendly product that does not contain toxic substances. Color pigments are organic and do not contain heavy metals.